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Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite for Unix Appliance

Key features

Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite for Unix Appliance is a Dr.Web icap-server protecting http and ftp traffic. It works as a client communicating with Dr.Web Daemon. The daemon receives data from http-traffic for scanning. The software can be configured to scan both http- and ftp-traffic.

Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite for Unix Appliance also allows restricting user access to specified web-resources using a list of banned hosts and rules of content filtering based on mime-type and file size.

The program features the Preview mode to specify files that should be passed unchecked, e.g. streaming audio and video. The icap-server doesn’t download such files thus saving local and Internet traffic.

Key features

  • anti-virus scan of FTP- and HTTP-traffic;
  • isolation of infected files in the Quarantine;
  • manageable access to web-resources;
  • scan based on the type of an object;
  • scan of traffic optimized using the Preview feature;
  • support of IPv4/IPv6;
  • easy-to-read log files;
  • centralized management of server configuration and retrieval of reports;
  • processing several requests in one connection;
  • protection against unauthorized access;
  • monitoring and automatic restoring system.


High performance and stability
Traffic is filtered at the level of the icap-server. Anti-virus filtering doesn’t slow down the delivery of requested content to end users in a corporate network.

Lower traffic
Access control and content filtering featured by Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite for Unix Appliance allows to decrease local and Internet traffic of employees and lower Internet costs.

High level of protection
A virus database containing thousands of entries with constantly improved heuristic analyzer ensure that no viruses (including macro-viruses, Trojans and other types of malware) get through a gateway protected by Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite for Unix Appliance. Dr.Web for detects malicious programs written for any platform - Windows, Unix, DOS including Microsoft Office worms. A user may select types of files to be scanned and set an action upon detection of a threat. notify, cure infected objects, delete, move to the Quarantine, rename.

Correct scan of archives and packed files
The solution allows scanning of archives and packed files of most known formats and of any nesting level including multi-volume and self-extracting archives. It is especially relevant for a server that protects an Internet connection. An administrator can set maximum compression rate and nesting level, limit compression threshold and max size of a file to be extracted during scanning.

Flexible configuration and easy administration
Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite for Unix Appliance allows implementing a security scheme that would match security policy of a company. An administrator can restric access to certain web-resources, set up a filter based on mime type or file size.